Nangok R/Studios



Founded :
Jan. 2020

Projects :
WHITEROOM (Released Oct. 2020) – Mixed-Reality Remote Collaboration Platform (Developed & managed in-house)

Partners & Clients
Microsoft Japan / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, / Hitachi, Ltd. / SoftBank Corp. / Toyota Motor Corporation / Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.

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3F 2-6-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to 150-0001 Japan

Akasaka Experience Center
401 WAW Akasaka No.35 Kowa Building 1-14-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 107-0052 Japan


We have a long-standing commitment to crafting software that goes beyond simply “functional” and_provides a highly refined user experience.
Applying this commitment it to the innovative field of XR is the mission with which Nangok R/Studios was born.
“R” in for Reality.
We are not committed to any single technology, be it AR/VR/MR.
Instead, we aim to enrich lives and_empower creativity by applying technology to reality.
We focus on the reality of our users to create impactful experiences that spark joy.

Products / Works

WHITEROOMMixed-Reality Remote Collaboration Platform

WHITEROOM is a Mixed-Reality remote meeting service for enterprise.
Join meetings as a virtual avatar, and collaborate in real-time using 3D models, Office and PDF documents, pictures, video and more, all placed right in your surroundings.
WHITEROOM enables a next-gen collaborative meeting experience, inspired by Sci-Fi movies.

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IKEBANA x TECHNOLOGYFirst-ever collaboration between ikebana and Mixed Reality

“IKEBANA x TECHNOLOGY” took place at Benaroya Hall in Seattle (Washington State, USA) on February 27, 2020. Visitors witnessed the first time ever use of Mixed Reality in collaboration with the traditional Japanese art of ikebana (flower arrangement) in a live on-stage demonstration.
Digest Video :

Drawing Sound in MR SpaceSIGGRAPH 2019 Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Program, Village

Drawing Sound in MR Space, a Mixed Reality art project was showcased at SIGGRAPH 2019 in the Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Program, Village. The project was by developed by Nagoya City University Art & Media Experience Lab under the leadership of Prof. Ryu Nakagawa, in collaboration with Nangok R/Studios CEO Katsutoshi Hata.
Video :

Mixed Reality and Haptic TechnologyApplying Mixed Reality and haptics to accessibility product development

“Haptic Egg Hunt” is a Mixed Reality egg-hunting game that utilizes HoloFureru, a haptic device for Mixed Reality jointly developed with Kurimoto, Ltd. The game was designed as an application of Mixed Reality and haptic technology to develop interactive media that could be enjoyed by diverse groups of people, including people with low and impaired vision. The game showcased at the Shibuya Super Welfare Expo in 2020.
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